[Kickstarter] Stygmata le jeu de rôle d'Eden

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[Kickstarter] Stygmata le jeu de rôle d'Eden

Messagepar MARC C » 27.10.2015 - 18:40

Un autre jeu de miniatures va avoir son jeu de rôle. Cette fois il s'agit d'un monde post-apocalyptique appelé Eden qui est en fait l'Eurasie.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/17 ... ?ref=video

Resumé du système :
The Stygmata system has its roots in Eden, the skirmish miniatures game. It uses existing characteristics which it improves with Attributes and Skills. This decision allows Eden players to be on familiar ground and new players to be easily guided during the creation of their characters as they just have to distribute the values for their characteristics between both their associated Attributes. The skills are the knowledge acquired by the character. They are the sum of both associated Attributes. In order to solve an action, the player rolls as many 10-sided dice (D10) as their character's total in the associated Skill. The Game Master (GM) defines the difficulty. Each die result above that difficulty is a success. These dice rolls are modified with the characters' talents and equipments (cards laid on their character's sheet), but with their health too: in Stygmata, the players use special dice, supplied with the Starter Set. They come in three distinct colours and represent the Player Character's (PC's) health. Yes, the game system is that simple!
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