Barbarian Prince

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Barbarian Prince

Messagepar MARC C » 06.10.2015 - 09:18

Il y a très très longtemps j'ai joué ce jeu que je m'était procuré avec mon argent de poche. C'est un jeu d'aventure en solo mettant en vedette un Prince Barbare qui parcours une carte hexagonale à la recherche de trésors cachés. Chaque hexagone est chiffré. J'en garde un bon souvenir. Ce n'était pas facile. Je crois que je n'ai jamais terminé la quête.


Evil events have overtaken the Northlands. You -- Cal Arath, Barbarian Prince -- are in hiding and the usurper who killed your father, the Old King, now sits on his throne. Now you must flee south and raise enough gold by adventuring to equip an army with which to regain your rightful heritage. The way will not be easy, for the men of the south are strange, and some are schooled in the black mysteries. The passes are guarded by monsters, it is said, and in the ruined cities lurk foul things never born of this earth. But you have your stubborn Northland will and your great sword -- and woe to anyone or anything which stands between you and your quest . . .

BARBARIAN PRINCE is a solitaire game of heroic adventure in a forgotten age of barbarism and sorcery. No opponent is necessary as the Event Booklet takes you through a pre-programmed sequence of encounters which is different each time you play the game. For each event, you, as the Barbarian Prince Cal Arath, must make the decisions which will make your quest successful -- or may cost you your life.

BARBARIAN PRINCE is a new concept in Adventure Gaming. No rules reading is required; the programmed event sequence lets you begin play as soon as you open the box.

BARBARIAN PRINCE contains -- A full-color 12"x 14" mapboard, a die, rules folder, Event Booklet, and summary sheet -- and a detailed cast metal figure of the Barbarian Prince to mark your position on the board.

Lien carte et pdf gratuits: (il y a aussi d'autres jeux dans des univers différents)
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