FULL STEAM - Chez Geeks!

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FULL STEAM - Chez Geeks!

Messagepar ChezGeeks » 05.07.2016 - 16:59

FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/989445311153558/


Come play in our 10 Man tournament for the new MK.III :guns:

Max Players: 10 (First 10 tickets sold in store)
Entry fee: 10$ OR Spend 30$ in store.

Prizes based on number of Players + Medals
Top 3 Players
1 Random prize for other players
1 Patch for Each Player.

75 Points Single List Event.
http://privateerpress.com/organized-pla ... ilable-now

Hope to see you there!
Register at Chez Geeks Store.
1663 rue St-Dernis
Metro Berii-Uqam
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