Looking for a game

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Looking for a game

Messagepar nu55kill » 10.09.2014 - 15:17

Hi guys,

this is nu55kill (Fabio), captain of the Swiss 40k Team (European Team Championship, see the ETC Blog.

I'm the guy on the right of the picture with the three Siwss best-Paint nominees. I played Tau-Eldar this year (scroll down for pictures).

I am in Montreal this month (September 2014) but unfortunately I was not able to bring my army along. So wanted to ask if there is anybody that has two armies and would like to play. I personnally play C:SM, C:SCM, C:CD, C:TAU, C:NEC, C:ORKS, C:DE, C: ELD, but I am also able to play ano other army. I've been playing for 20 year now (I am 30 years old). I've already been to the shop downtown but I was told that the likelyhood to find someone that wants to play me and also wants to borrow me an army for that game is low... I figuered it was worth a try.

So if anybody is interested, let me know.

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Re: Looking for a game

Messagepar Dale » 10.09.2014 - 15:43

I unfortunately don't have much spare time to add another game to my schedule this month but have fun in Montreal!

If you want to taste the beer, go have a look at the Broue Pub Brouhaha on mondays. It's one of the best place for local beer in Montreal and there's the Douteux.org people there on monday that are showing off compilation of movie part, internet small film and really weird things there in the back room (usually funny or weird videos from 5 second to 15 minutes). It's a thing to live at least once.
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