40K Doubles Tournament - Saturday June 16th

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40K Doubles Tournament - Saturday June 16th

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Tournoi 40K en doubles le 16 juin 2012 au Quarterstaff Games Burlington Vermont USA. Voici les équipes qui ont été formé à présent: Angela Blasi & Jean-François Dubeau, Patrick Laforge & Olivier Lalonde, Tim Nguyen & Stéphanie Laplante, Michael Tremblay & ?.
Si vous êtes intéresser, s.v.p. me faire parvenir votre réponse par courriel à laforgedesjeux@hotmail.com le plus rapidement possible. Car il y à un maximum de 16 équipes qui peuvent participer.
Voici l'information du tournoi, malheureusement elle est en anglais uniquement:
Saturday, June 16th, 2012

Doors Open at 10am, Registration Ends at 10:15am, Tournament Starts at 10:30am SHARP!

Entry Fee
$30 per team

First 16 teams to sign up, payment due upon pre-registration. Please see the Pre-Registration Thread for pre-reg rules.
Force lists are due for verification [to be sent to the Tournament Organizer via email] by 3:00pm Friday June 8th.

Each doubles team consists of two players.
Each player can field a 1000 point Force which will result in each team fielding a 2000 point Army.
Each Force may not use its allies special rules or wargear abilities (locator beacons, marker lights, etc.)
5th edition Codex lists will be used with a maximum of 1 Special or Named Character per Force.
The Army may not have duplicate special characters.
Each 1000 point Force can have a maximum of 1 HQ choice, 2 Elites, 4 Troops, 2 Fast Attack, and 2 Heavy Support choices.

In addition to a copy of your legal army list (Force list), the following are the "must-have" items that each player must bring in order to participate:

40K Rulebook (Hardcover or AoBR mini)
Your Army's Codex
Tape Measure
Scatter Die
Flame Template
Small and Large Blast Markers

The last three on the list are required if you are using any weapons that have scatter / template / blast rules.

All miniatures must be WYSIWYG in terms of models and weapons, all models need to be correct and their weapons need to be correctly represented. All vehicle upgrades need to be correctly modeled. Extra items with which units are automatically equipped and, pardon the double negative, cannot 'not have' do not need to be modeled (generally holstered pistols and grenades are in this category). If you have questions about any particular model, models that GW hasn't yet released, or other grey areas then you need to ask the Tournament Organizer prior to the tournament.

Rounds have a maximum duration of two hours.

Round One
Mission: Misdirection
Deployment: Dawn of War
Rules: Each team will place two objectives. One of the objectives for each team is a decoy which is worth no points to either side; the other is the actual objective. A note will be made in secret as to which is the decoy once the objectives have been deployed. The decoy is removed from play once either of the objectives has been captured by an enemy scoring unit. No objective may be placed above ground level in any building / ruins. This round lasts for six turns.

Round Two
Mission: Cleanse
Deployment: Spearhead
Rules: Each Army must attempt to capture the most table quarters. This is achieved by having a quarter occupied by any of your Army's units and no enemy units at the end of the game. Units can only claim, or contest, one table quarter. A unit counts as being in the table quarter where the majority of the model(s) are located. A vehicle can only claim / contest a table quarter if it is not immobilized or destroyed. Random Game Length applies.

Round Three
Mission: Pillage
Deployment: Pitched Battle - each team must place one HQ and two troops in their deployment zone. All other units are in reserve. Reserve rolls will be made with a +1 bonus.
Rules: Five objective markers will be placed by the tournament organizer. Starting with Turn 3, each Army will score points equal to the number of objectives they control at the end their opponent's portion of the turn. All units can claim objectives. Objectives are claimed by units in base contact that are not engaged in close combat or falling back. Seize the Initiative and Random Game Length apply.

Primary Mission:
Win - 5 points
Draw - 3 points
Loss - 1 point

Secondary Mission:
As described by the TO at the event...
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